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Wave on Wave Shawl

This shawl is knitted in garter stitch using two colours / yarns, working short rows using the German double stitch method. Locking stitch markers are used to help keep track of the number of rows in each repeat as explained in the pattern.

A number of yarns have been suggested for the shawl as it can be made in a wide variety of yarns. It is best to use two yarns of the same weight but you can mix the fibre content, colours etc. The yarns can be long colour change, multi-coloured or solid but you need to have some contrast in colour and tone for the wave pattern to be more visible.

A tension gauge has not been given as it depends very much on what yarn and needle size you use to make the shawl. I would suggest a needle size one or two sizes larger than that recommended on the ball band to give the shawl some drape.

The smallest shawl was knitted in one ball of each colour of Katia Bombay. This shawl has fewer repeats than the number suggested in the pattern. The other three shawls are knitted according to the pattern.

The Scheepjes Whirl and Katia Funny Rainbow version is the next smallest. In the version I made I was using up part cakes but if you have a full cake of each yarn the shawl could be made larger by working more repeats. These yarns make a nice light summer shawl.

The Adriafil and Lang version (grey and brown/grey) was made to the pattern. I used 2 balls of the Adriafil Sierra Andina yarn and 1 ball of the Lang Dipinto. The shawl could be made larger if 3 balls of the Adriafil yarn are used.

The largest shawl was made using Adriafil Cromia and Zebrina. The shawl required 3 balls of each yarn but makes a larger warm winter shawl.

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