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Top Down Cardigan

This pattern is for a button-up, v neck short sleeved summer cardigan. Pattern - £3.00 Ref: FM-421696 Buy the pattern sent by email from…

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Short Sleeved Jumper

A short sleeved jumper pattern from Fiona Morris Designs. Pattern - £3.00 Ref: FM-78827 Buy the pattern sent by email from with payment by…

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Patchwork Jacket

The new version of the pattern includes more detailed instructions for knitting the right Front Triangle and the right Back Sleeve. Pattern - £5.00…

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Military Jacket

The Drops Kid Silk or drops Alpaca Silk can be used as substitutes for the Silk Tweed yarn that is no longer available. The 2…

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Ibiza Waistcoat

The waistcoat is knitted using modular knitting techniques. Each piece is knitted onto the previous piece varying the direction of the knitting and giving…

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Aqua Jumper

This is a lovely ladies knitted sweater pattern with a cable design. Pattern - £3.50 Ref: FM-237654 Buy the pattern sent by email from with…

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