Fees: £150.00 plus travel @ 40p per mile
Up to 15 people

Introduction to Crochet

This one day workshop is for complete beginners and people returning to crochet who want to learn the basics again.

During the workshop, students will learn to work double crochet, trebles and a foundation chain.

During the day they will also have the opportunity to start making a simple item in crochet.

Crochet the Next Step; Working from Patterns and Charts

In this workshop students learn to follow crochet charts which use internationally recognised symbols and how to shape in crochet in order to make well finished garments. Students will work a number of stitch samples following charts rather than written instructions. It is also possible to remind students of the basic crochet stitches if necessary.

Crochet Circles, Flowers, Hats and Bags

Many crochet motifs start with a circle rather than as a flat piece. In this workshop we will look at a variety of circular motifs that can be worked into flowers, hats and bags. Students will need a basic understanding of crochet i.e. foundation chain, double crochet, trebles, and slip stitch.

Crochet onto Knitting

Interesting and unusual edgings can be added to knitting with crochet. On this workshop we will look at a variety of crochet edgings from very simple edgings to stop stocking stitch curling to more elaborate and decorative edgings. We will also look at crochet as a form of embellishment on knitting.

Please contact Fiona for further information.