Knitting With Beads by Fiona MorrisKnitting with beads is a technique that has been used since the early 19th century but has become increasingly popular in recent years. Now, with new methods offering exciting ways to experiment with materials and equipment, there is no better time to improve your skills.

Knitting with Beads is a contemporary guide to a traditional technique covering:

  • Bead knitting for a completely beaded fabric
  • Different methods of beaded knitting in garter and stocking stitch
  • Creating beaded lace
  • Adding beads as you knit using the Crochet Hook method
  • Experimenting with beads, yarn and stitch patterns

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Picot Cast-on instructions on pages 133, 135, 138, 140 should read as follows;
… repeat from * to * until 47[51: 55]sts are present on the left-hand needle, cast on 1st.

Page 73 the chart for the Lacy-Diamond Pattern with beads placed with the slip-stitch technique is incorrect. The correct chart is below.

ISBN: 9781785005077

Published (this edition): 05/11/2018

Pages: 176

Binding: Hardback

Size: 260 x 215 mm

Inside: 160 colour photographs and 52 colour line artworks