Scarfs & Shawls

  • Rib Cowl

    Rib Lace Scarf / Cowl

    This cowl has been designed to be worn a number of ways, as a circular loop, buttoned close around the neck or even as a hood.  This scarf / cowl is knitted in an eyelet rib pattern which is also used as the buttonholes for …

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  • Anesha Scarf

    Anesha Crochet Lace Scarf

    This lace scarf pattern from Fiona Morris Designs features an attractive crochet design. Anesha Pattern FREE Download the PDF file now

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  • Patties Shawl

    Pattie’s Shawl

    This patchwork shells shawl pattern was originally published in the June 2012 issue of Knitting magazine. Pattern – £4.00 Ref: FM-318261 Buy the pattern sent by email from with payment by PayPal Alternatively, order by post by sending a cheque (payable to Fiona Morris) to the …

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  • Anna Shawl

    Anna’s Shawl

    The shawl is knitted from the centre top outwards. Written instructions are provided for the start of the pattern but it is then worked from charts. If the pattern is knitted in lace weight yarn it will be smaller. However it is fairly straight forward to …

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